vitual human technology

Virtual character images based on artificial intelligence and provides content such as synthesizing directly taken images or videos. It creates a realistic face regardless of race, age, and gender.

CG Set LIbaray


Digital humans are the future of brand communication. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses can create a virtual spokesperson who provides a consistent image and can interact with customers in a personalized and authentic way, 24/7.

This technology has been successfully used by companies in various industries, including fashion, beauty, and entertainment. By partnering with us, you can tap into this growing trend and create a unique digital ambassador that can drive engagement and build brand loyalty.

Virtual Human : Ginni L.

A virtual project created by XTEN. Ginni is a girl who loves exploration, taking challenges and never settle for less.


What we could do


Licensing the  use of our virtual celebrities to requesting companies in industries where the image of a person is an important faction in the sale fo products, such as fashion and beauty.

Self-Joint Ip Development

Developing unchanging iconic figures to become ambassadors for companies and brands, such as virtual stars, social media influencers, vloggersetc.


Supported by in house talents and long term partners, we create marketing contents ranging from video, online/offline event, to social media accounts management and live commerce.

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